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What is the tentative schedule for the WOBR Spring 2020 Season?

This is the rough timeline for the Spring season, all dates and times are subject to change and we will inform families of any changes in advance.

1/27-1/30 Evaluations:

Evaluations for all players (except T-Ball). WOBR coaches will be assessing players for proper placement in divisions and teams. ALL players who register WILL be placed on a team, evaluations are merely to gauge skill level for team placement. Uniform sizing will also be taking place at the completion of each players evaluation.

02/01- Parents will receive notification of team assignments and practices

2/1-2/28 - Teams will practice before Spring games begin. Coaches divide up practice times based on availability. During this period, teams will practice no more than three times per week.

02/22 Picture Day: time TBD time to smile for camera!

2/29 Opening Day: Opening Day for the Spring season, all teams will play on Opening Day. This years theme is Leaping Into Spring!

03/13 - 03/22/2020 - Orange County Spring Break No games schedule during Spring Break.

05/9-16/2020 Final Games of Spring Regular Season:  Will be dependent on weather during the season.

How do I register my child for WOBR baseball or softball?

Please register at our website with the Spring 2020 link. We will also have several in person registration days available as well please check our facebook page for up to the minute information. Also we will accept registrations during evaluations. Due to uniform ordering all players must be registered and assigned to a team by Jan. 27th to ensure uniform delivery by picture day.

What days per week are games scheduled?

Commonly teams will play 1 or 2 games each week at no time will we have more than 3 events per week.

What equipment will my child need for the baseball/softball season?

WOBR will provide players with a full uniform including pants. Players will need cleats and a glove. We also recommend players have their own batting helmet. Many players in the league also have their own bats. If you are buying a bat, please know to be used for play in WOBR, your bat MUST be stamped with the USA Baseball logo.

Which division should my child play in?

Tee Ball: This division is for 4 through 6 years old. Focus is on introducing kids to baseball, basic fundamentals and having fun. Kids will bat off the tee or soft pitching for a coach for the entire season.

8U: This division is for players 6-8 years old. The Rookie Division is a development league with the primary focus on learning and teamwork. Kids will  bat against a pitching machine.

10U: This division is for players 9-10. Pitching is now done by the players, there is open defensive substitution and a continuous batting order.

12U: This division is for players 11-12. For baseball this is played on the 50/70 baseball field configuration and allows for lead-offs and stealing like mlb to prepare players to make the transition to the bigger fields and rules at age 13.

 13U-15U: This division is for player 13-15. Here players transition to a full size baseball field with almost all of the same rules you'd see in a professional game.

18U- WOBR does offer an older division of baseball and softball please email us for details.